Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Juicy Writing

4/4/12 Juicy writing
I very much dislike my sister Taylor because she is annoying and she is a pain. She gets
us banned from the computer because she does bad things to it. Also she is
extremely annoying because she always has to copy me in what I get and she always follows me
pretty much everywhere I go. Lastly she is a pest when she screams at me and hits me and when she tries to claim my stuff as hers all the time. Thats my sister for you.

Kelvin, Rm 5 


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  2. Kelvin, I think you’re just trying to be cool by saying that stuff when it isn’t true. By the way when we get banned from the computer it’s because we both have done something, not just me. If I copied you I would be exactly like you which obviously I’m not, and if I followed you all the time I would be right next to you at the moment. Also if I screamed all the time and hit you, which I don’t, you would be deaf and be very very hurt.

    So which means your post is overall not true.

    Love from your kind and caring sister Taylor.


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