Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has just returned to earth from space.  Watch the music video he recorded before he returned:

What do you think about the video? What does it tell us about space?  What questions do you have about space?

Now watch the short news article to find out a bit more about Chris:

Do you think Chris is sharing an important message? Why or why not?

If you were an astronaut what would you like to try to do in a space ship?

Finally, if you want to know how to be sick in space, watch Chris's next video! Yuk!

What do you find most interesting from this video? Do you think it is worth watching?


  1. Hi Room 14
    I really love Commander Hadfield updates. It's pretty cool how he has shared his experience in space with millions in people around the world. H

    How do you think being in space changes people's outlook on life?


    1. Maybe it tells us not to take everything for granted? Because not everyone gets to go to space.

  2. all his videos are really cool don't you think

  3. how long did it take him to train for this

  4. How long are was up there for?

  5. Hi,
    This videois a bit weird because he ummm... I don't know he just is abit weird. I find that how the things around himfloat in circles is very cool.
    I don't think Chris is saying somwthing big because its just a song sung in space and its cool but not life changing.
    If I were in space I would try crying or something else to do with water because it acts different in space, and I would like to find out more.
    I think its worth watching hisvideos if you are interested in spacve because he tells you what you can and can't do in space that you wouldnormally do on Earth.
    Eden :)

  6. Hi,
    Is the first video meant to be so fuzzy and blury and flashing colours because it doesn;t look right. It taught me that you float in space and you can see the stars and the earth is blue.

    The third video is pretty interesting because they use a special bag, that is really big and it has a cloth thing to wipe your face on afterwards. Then you put it in the 'wet trash'.


  7. How to vomit in space
    The thing i find interesting about this video is finding out how they puke in space and it is very different from here.
    It was not that yuck because he didnt actually puke so thats good but i think it was worth watching.

    Astronaut sings
    He isnt telling us an important message but he is telling us alot about space except hes telling us by singing.
    In a spaceship i would just keep in the air for ages and enjoy my first time relaxing in a spaceship floating in the air.

    Space oddity
    I can tell about the video that he has a pretty good voice and he sings to us alot of detail about space.
    Chris tells us what happens in the spaceship and how life is in space while singing.
    I dont really have any qeustions.

  8. I think it's cool how he makes videos in space and puts them on YouTube. :)

  9. i think it was a cool but wierd video. he was saying that the stares were very diferent and he felt still like 100,000 miles or somthing from questions are is space cold or warm on board?how do you clean your self?and how long do you normly stay in space.i think chris is trying to share somthing importent i think he is trying to say that space is cool and fun and yer.i would like to try anything.i think everything was interisting and cool. i think it is worth watching because you can learn new thingsw

    1. Interesting ideas Rebecca, great questions too. How do you think you could find the answers to them?

  10. hi
    his music videos don't explain much about space
    but all the videos are perfect for kids that are trying to learn about and how to live in space

  11. The song is not that intresting and it doesn't tell you much about space. I wonder if he ever gets to go to the moon or leave his space ship

  12. Hi everyone,
    I think that the first video wasn't very good because hes just singing a song that some people know already and the only difference is that hes in space and he changes a few of the words.
    They shouldn't have done a news report about it because if people wanted to watch it they could but people didn't need to tell the world about it.
    The last video was pretty good but it doesn't really sow you much just what kind of puke bags they have. It's interesting bout 'wet trash' though.

  13. I don't think he is sharing an import message because we do not need to know all of this stuff we just would to know. Jump as high as I can.

  14. I think the video when he's singing is wierd. The videos some of us watched yesterday were cool. I like the wringing out a wet cloth.

  15. Hey,

    I think the first video was 5 minutes of boring because he's just singing in a ship.
    It tells us that you float in a spaceship.

    He's not sharing a message because he is just singing a song that doesn't really have a message, in space.
    I would just want to float around.

    I didn't find anything interesting and no it's not worth watching because it doesn't really tell you anything and it's really short.

  16. No I do not thing it is yuk because he don't do anything. Yes because it is short of import because I wouldn't want puke floting around

  17. Hi everyone,
    I think it is kind of weird. It is cool how everything is floating around him. I agree Rebecca's question, What is the temperature in space?

  18. Hey Ms Goldfinch,

    I think in the first video it was pretty funny because,
    no offence but his singing was off tune but the rest
    of the video was alright I guess :)

    The second video was alright.

    Do you think being in space changes people's life?


    1. Hi Corban

      Thanks for coming onto our blog.

      I agree, the first video is kinda funny.

      I think being in space must change your life, it must make you realise how small our planet is.

      Ms Goldfinch

  19. Hey room 14

    All of the videos were alright because in the first one he sung a song and went off key ;) so that one was properly the worst and the second one was alright and the last one was just not cool who teachers people to puke in space thats just yuck ew :)
    From Quintin

  20. The song is okay but he isn't a great singer. It tells us that you float and get to look at earth.
    He is just singing a song, not really sharing a message.
    I would like to play with water because it acts weird in space.
    It is worth watching if you are interested in what space is like.

  21. I like the video because I like David Bowie.
    It tells us that you float in a space ship.
    I want to know if in some space ships you can turn gravity on and off.
    I think that the last video isn't really worth watching because it isn't a very good question to ask.

  22. Heyyyyy,
    First Video:
    The videos were like weird!!!
    And the first video was about spaceships!!!
    My questions about space would be would it be possible to live on mars in a few years?And you should try and plant a tree on the planets and see which one will actually grow and which ones will die?!?!Has anybody actually seen a black hole in space like not from satellite but with your own eyes?

    Second Video:
    The second video didn't relly work like it was really fuzzy and was a mix of a whole lot of colours,Kind of like a rainbow!!!!
    If I was an astronaut I would ...
    Search space from the top to the bottom and see if aliens actually exist.
    And see if there are any undiscovered planets out there that I could name after me!!!!
    I would also like to see the sun and the moon up close!!!
    Aswell as a black hole!!!!

  23. I think it was pretty creative making a music video in space and it's really cool. I don't think it tells us much but it was a really cool song. How would you know which way is up if you are always floating.

    It's not really sending us a message it's just him singing in a space ship. I would try to fly like a majestic bird.

  24. hi,
    that guy is a creaphe does not tell you much and the song is weird but I think it would be cool to be on space.

  25. I didn't get the song and why he was floating in space
    but it was preetty cool when thing where floating but what
    ishe trying to tell us he just singing about space and
    the one when you get sick and you puke in the bag it so yuck what is it telling us.
    but he should do more of the things that what you should do in space.

  26. The video of him singing was quite funny like soana i didnt really get it.I especially liked him floating and the views of the stars and stuff u could see :)

  27. I think next time he should do a shorter song (5:41) and being on the news because of that! It's a fail

  28. I really like the song and the were you get sick and puke in the bag is gross other wise i love them he is so cool

  29. I think that the most interesting thing about the video is that its in space (I think)

    I think it's worth watching because it's really interesting and it's cool how he floats in the air.

    I really like the video but I don't get why it's in space?

  30. What I found most interesting was that they have to keep the bag with them in space until they get back from earth.

    But that also is yucky!

    1. I think that the music video was very cool and very funny, I liked it when you could see earth.


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