Monday, June 24, 2013

Thursday's storm

Woah, the storm on Thursday night was INSANE!  What was it like at your house? How did it make you feel?  What storm damage have you seen? How was your family affected? 

Here are a couple of pics of 2 fallen trees either side of my house.  
Heston thought it was very exciting, look how big he is! :) 



  1. Thursday night was crazy!
    It was so windy at my house, it felt like the roof was going to come off, it was quite scary and very loud!

    My husband was out from 7pm until 2.30 am with the fire brigade, they went to calls all over; roofs falling off, power lines arcing, trampolines in the wrong garden, fallen trees. He was very tired.

    Heston didn't mind at all! He enjoyed sniffing around the next morning, especially as there were sticks, twigs and leaves everywhere. My guinea pigs run blew away so she had to live in a box in the house until we could fix her hutch.

    The storm reminded me how powerful nature is, have you ever been in a big storm before?

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  3. At my house it wasn't very badour power was off for 10 minutes which was alright but the rain was really loud so it was hard to get to sleep.

    It was a bit confusing because it wasn't bad for us but lots of people were talking about it, I understood when I saw it on the news because of all of the things that had fallen down like trees and the sea wall.

    I didn't see mch storm damage, the only storm damage i've seen was on the TV and on the way to school.

    My family wasn't affected at all compared to some people's familys who still have their power out now.

    I haven't really seen a big storm like this before, the only other time wehave had our power out was a few years ago when it started snowing.

  4. Hey,
    It wasn't that bad at my house because none of the trees we had fell down and surprisingly, the fish we had in our fish pond didn't die or get flung out of the pond!
    When the power went out I felt scared because I was in a room by myself. I hadn't seen much storm damage because after the storm I didn't go anywhere. My family wasn't affected much.
    Have you ever had a powercut before? If your answer is yes, How many? How long did they last for?

    1. And by the way, Heston looks a lot bigger since the last time I saw him!

  5. My family didn't have much damage that i know of but we did have our power cut until 1.30 pm on Friday we tried to trick my mum and dad so we can still have dinner on the gas cooker
    but i didn't work
    Even though we stayed up till 10.30pm reading poems it was really fun

  6. At my house there wasn't much damage. The storm was so violent the house shook slightly. Our power was off and we were freezing until 8pm the next day, we didn't even have an emergency plan! It was horrible where we live, we live really high in the hills.

    Near our house, trees the size of four story buildings had fallen over. It was horrible.

  7. Our house wasn't affected by the storm but the our power went out during Miranda. Our house backs onto the bush and it now looks terrible and horrible. It was a long and scary night. I was glad when it was over.

  8. At my house there wasn't much damage. We were at the college open night. When we were in the college hall the lights were flickering and flickering. I got the creeps. I held on to my mums arm and I was yelling in my mind.

    When we got home I looked at the clock on the stove and it was reset. Thats when we knew that while we were gone, we had a power cut.

    Next morning when I was going to get ready for school my mum shouted from across house, THERES NO SCHOOL!!!. I was like Woohoo no school!. I stayed in bed untill 10:00 AM. I was glad dispite the fact that I was cold.


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