Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Athletics Day

Yesterday was the athletics day and I think everyone did a great job at every one of the sports! Yesterday was really fun because lots of the sports included running and I like running. Someone my class threw a discus really far and that would be Tyreek! There is a big chance that he will go to the inter intermediate athletics. I saw all the year seven boys from my group try their best and if I could go to the inter intermediate athletics I would try as hard as I can ,but only a few of the most sporty people get to go there. For vortex, Christian, one of the year seven boys, got a 3 and a 3 means you got the best score you could get. The thing I was best at is shotput because I got a 2. My favourite though was long jump because at my primary I came 3rd. For sprints it was really hard even to get a 2 because to get it you have to beat 13 seconds in the 75 metres sprint. and you have to beat 15 seconds in the 100 metres sprint. My least favourite is high jump because it's too high for me to jump over.

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