Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A bit late but here is a very short film showing some of our measuring practice.

What did you learn during our measurement unit?

What did you get better at?

Why is this an important skill?


  1. How to measure quickly and alacrity with a 30 cm ruler.
    To use a 30 cm ruler to measure alacrity without getting stuck
    Because if you become a builder you probable need to measure something like were to put your steel beams to hold something up

  2. I learnt how to Measure accurately and to measure in an easier way.

    I reacon I got better at measuring accurately and using different methods to measure.

    Measuring is an important skill when it comes to seeing if something fits or to see the length or width.

  3. Hi,
    I learnt how to measure accuratly and convert metres into centremetres and kilometres.
    I got better at converting and measuring overall because I can give accurate lengths and convert them into a more apropreate unit.
    Measuring is an important skill because if you buy a house in the future for example, you would have to give measurements to the builders or something to, paint orput carpet down or something.


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