Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poetry Readings

Again, a little delayed but here is a medley of some of the poetry work we have done; poems being read aloud by famous authors and Rm 14 sharing their own poetry.

What did you think about poetry at the start of this unit?

What have you learnt about poetry?

What did you enjoy?

Which poem do you like best from the video?

Can you recommend a poet or type of poetry to other intermediate age students?


  1. Hi Miss Goldfinch
    We knew that there were patterns in poetry and rhyming is one of the rhythms.
    We learnt that there were different types of poems like feeling poetry, hiku, nonsense poetry and lots more.
    We liked how we got to write our own poems and have a go at it ourselves.
    The cat poetry that was turned into a musical.
    Does anyone else have any recommendations?
    By Eden and Becca

  2. I knew that there was rhyming in poetry and there are other types of poetry.
    I learnt that a lot of poetry doesn't have rhyming.
    I enjoyed writing the poems.
    I don't have a favourite.
    I don't know any other poetry.

  3. I thought that at the start it was fun but then it started getting boring.

    I learnt that there is lots of different types of poetry.

    I enjoyed doing the emotion poems because they are easy to do and they sound good.

    I dont think I can recomend any poets or poems because I dont read very many of them.

  4. At the start of the poetry unit I thought poetry was really boring.

    I have learnt that there are more types of poems then I thought.

    I enjoyed reading the Skimbleshanks poem.

    I liked the vegetarian poem the best becuase it was funny. :-)

    I cant recommend anything because I dont really know of anything good.

  5. I think it was really fun and it was entertaining to make a poem and the rhyming.

    I have learnt how to use and when to use useful rhyming and all the other stuff that is included in poetry.

    I enjoyed making and reading rhyming poetry and especially doing the' its as easy as' poems.

    Tyreek's one was the best because it had a lot of humour and it had good structure.

    I think a limerick would be recommende because it has great humour included.

  6. I thought oh no poetry again because last year I didn't really like poetry.

    I learnt that writing poetry is actually really fun because you can write a peice of poetry without it making much sense.

    I enjoyed writing poems that I liked because it shows that I have improved from last year.

    I don't know which one was the best because all of them were good and funny.

    I would recommend using limericks because they can be really funny and it has a good rhythm.

  7. I liked them all but I didn't really like doing poetry
    last year but I will still give it a try.

    I like writing poems but I don't like performing it .

    I think they were all good, But I like Limericks
    the best.


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