Thursday, September 12, 2013

Once by Morris Gletizman

  • Tell us about a part in this book that you have enjoyed so far?  
  • How does the author hook you into the story.  
  • Tell us something about the main character.  
  • Make a prediction, how do you think the story will finish.  
  • Finally, who would you recommend this book to?


  1. Room 3 has loved this story and in fact we have finished Then as well!
    Mrs Garthwaite and Room 3

  2. So far I have enjoyed when Felix escaped the orphanage and his adventure. The author hooks me in with every chapter saying Once and then a summary of the chapter. The main character Felix spend most of his life in a orphanage and has now escaped to find his parents. My preciton is that Felix will find out that his parents are dead

  3. Hey,
    For me the end of the book is the best because the end of it is fullof action and he makes it out alive and still hopes for the best for the others.
    Te author hooks me into the story by making the story more exciting by each chapter, it just gets better and better.
    The main characters name is Felix and he starts off in an orphinage and he ends up in the end just escaping from death, he's a naieve, adventurous boy with a big imagination.
    To be honest I thought the book was going to end with him dieing but thankfully he didn't.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who would like an exciting book about a young boy's journey, the age I would recommend is anyone above 10 because the chapters are small and short so they're easy to read, and the book isn't too long.
    Ireally enjoyed this book and if anyone gets the opportunity to read it you should.
    Jesse :)

  4. Hey,

    Liv: My favourite part in the book was when Felix was telling the Nazi officer that story about the African jungle.
    Kate:My favourtie part is when Felix and Zelda first meet Barney and he saves them from the Nazis.

    We think that he hooks in on every chapter by summarising the chapter at the start so you want to find out more.

    Felix is very optimistic and oblivious to what is happening. He doesn't know there is a war going on, even though he has witnessed people been abused.

    Well, we have already finished it so we can't really predict how it ended. But before we think that we would of said that he finds out that that his parents are dead.

    We would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in the war or someone who just needs a good book to read.

    Liv & Kate

  5. Hey everyone,
    A part that I have enjoyed is the part where Barney saves Felix and Zelda when they first meet him.
    The author hooks me in by starting each chapter with the title (Once).
    He is very oblivious to things going around him and he always tries to make things positive
    They will get try to get to safety and find somewhere to live.
    My cousin because she would like this story.


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