Thursday, September 12, 2013

The ghosts of iron bottom sound

  • Tell us about a part in this book that you have enjoyed so far?  
  • How does the author hook you into the story.  
  • Tell us something about the main character.  
  • Make a prediction, how do you think the story will finish.  
  • Finally, who would you recommend this book to?

1 comment:

  1. The part in The iron bottom sound book ilike was when the ghosts started to be friends with paddy and paddy didn't have to do what they say anymore.

    The author hooks us into the story in a scary way by saying words like frightening and eerie to scare and make us think it is going to be a scary story.

    The main character Paddy was pretty scared at first when the ghosts started to swirl and make sounds in his head when he first got the book from the library but later i think he was pretty brave in overcoming his fear of the ghosts and putting up with them.

    I think the story will finish by the ghosts will stay friends and will stay in his head forever and even sleep with him and i also think that whenever thate ghosts want more information about the war they just won't ask like a stranger they will ask nicely for the book from the library.

    I would recommend this book who love reading about history and war and who would always want to keep up with the latest wars which would probably be teens and some older people.


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