Monday, February 24, 2014

A 'sticky' problem!

Watch this video through - remember to use headphones so that you don't disturb others around you or keep the volume very low.

What messages does this video teach us?  How can we transfer this into our classroom?

How do our school norms fit with this video?

Have you seen, heard about or been part of something like this before?

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  1. hi Guys,its Polly speaking, well we can transfer this into our classroom by using teamwork in our games and singing a song to keep others in good moods. :-) This fits all of our school norms . Caring because they cared about each other. Protection because they protected each other ect... I haven't really been involved in this sort of thing before nor have I seen it. I think it looks something like a big war or something like that. Thanks for reading my awesome comment. Polly

  2. Hi room 4 its Rosa

    This video teaches us that if you work as a team you can do anything. We can transfer this into class by cheering people on and helping people when need help. This fits into our school norms because they saw that the boy was struggling so they started to help (caring).I haven't been a apart of anything like this or seen anything like this.


  3. Hi room 4,
    Its Nina,

    This video tells us that together we are stronger.We can use team work in class and in PE.This fits with our norms of caring and respect becuase the person is caring and respecting the guy and helping him. I havent really seen this before only in movies.


  4. Hi my name is Soana,
    This video teaches us that we have to use teamwork=)
    We can transform this in to our class by helping someone or using teamwork at p.e and in class!!!
    Our school norms fit in to this video because they care by helping the little boy and they were being fair as in helping him and they were using there manners too.
    Well no I haven't seen anyone or heard or even been in something like this but I have use teamwork and teamwork is very important....
    Thank you for reading my awesome comment:D

  5. Hi,
    This video teaches us that you can't wait around for things to happen and you have to use teamwork so you can remove the problem and so you can get on with other things. We can transfer this into our classroom by helping each other when we are stuck and removing problems together. Our fairness and caring norms fit in this video because everybody starts being fair to the little boy by helping him and caring for him and the people stuck behind the log. I haven't seen anything like this before which tells us that we need to work together more often.


    1. I agree Henry, I wonder what we can make happen if we all work together?

  6. Hi Room 4,

    Paris here. I watched this video and it was inspiring. It melted my heart when I watched it. That tiny little kid, started something that moved a GIANT tree. That is true heroism.
    This shows us teamwork. One person encouraged teamwork in a big way, and that is incredible. It fits into this:
    T: together
    M: more

    I think this fits into all of our school norms. What they did was above the expectation. I was just awe struck. I hope I get to participate in something like this someday.
    Watch this video, it is great.
    Paris :D

  7. Hi rebecca speaking
    I think this videos message is to dont give up on things you dont think you can do, and to help others when they need help.I think we could transfer this into our class by not giving up in what we are doing and helping others in class that need help.The class norms that fit in this video is probably caring because caring is helping others when they need it.I have not seen this happen before nor have I been involved in it before.


  8. Hey this is Charlotte here i have never seen or been in anything like it it looks so cool the norms they are using in this video are caring fairness in it we can use this in are class by helping each other !!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Hi Daniel here

    I think the message that in the video is that together as a team you can do anything because there will be nothing you cant do.I think we can transfer this in to our class by working as a team and not giving up even if we are behind.The norm the that this fits in is respect because everyone respected the kids decision to moving that tree so everybody else came and helped, next is caring because they helped because they knew that young boy was determined to move that tree so they all helped out. I haven't seen anything like this before but I would like to be I one so it would show teamwork and that anything you put your mind to you can do anything


  11. Hi its Krishan
    what i think about this video is the boy trying to move the tree
    and the other kids come the and try help him and they are showing respect
    and it show our school norms.


  12. HI its Levi
    I really liked this video because it shows the some of the norms.
    Well i will see you guys next time bye bye

  13. Hi,

    It's Quinn here in this amazing video I think it teachs us about teamwork and i think that we need some more of that in room 4.

    The norms that are shown in this video are caring. Because the people are caring about everyone in there car so he is deturmaned to move that tree. Good on him.

    I have been in a you tube video but not one like that. My one was made in a Capital E holiday program.


  14. Hey Guys,
    This is really inspirational and it shows that no matter who, or what you are you can do great things. Look at that little kid, he was the reason that tree got moved. Despite the rain, he kept trying and everyone else decided to help. In teams we can accomplish greater things than individually. Teamwork is vital in our lives and saves us from lots of toil. Relationships are grown through Teamwork, by bonding, talking and problem solving.
    About them
    Weights greater than their
    Rain cant stop these


  15. This video shows us to help other people and to help strangers in danger. To work as a community and to care about others.

  16. Hey Guys Harry here.This video teaches us that we have to use teamwork to get things done.When we need to do a big challenge we should do it together.
    The Norms that are shown are caring,respect,and fairness by not making 1 person do it all

  17. Hi guys
    I think this message is telling us that teamwork is the answer to big problems.

  18. Hi, Everyone!

    I think this the message this video is trying to teach us is that we can do anything if we work together and put our minds to it. We can do this in class and have a much safer, happier environment. This video shows us all the norms. Everyone in this video is believing in each other and working together. I've never done anything like this, but I'd love to!


  19. Hey Guys chevarn here.This video teaches us that we have to use teamwork to get things done.When we need to do a big challenge we should do it together.
    The Norms that are shown are caring,respect,and fairness by not making 1 person do it all


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