Monday, March 10, 2014

Belonging - Short Film

This video was made as an entry into a short film competition by a student around your age.  The theme was belonging.  Have they done a good job? Why? Why not?

Summarise what happens in this short film.  How does the film deal with the concept of 'belonging?'.

Do you think it is effective to tell a story without any speaking? Why? Why not? Does the music support /change the viewer's perception of the story?

Can you name a film or book that has belonging as a theme? (There are lots that I can think of...)


  1. hi room 4,
    its Polly I think they have done a very good job explaining belonging. The girl was sad and didn't think she belonged but she did. no matter what we will always belong even if we don't feel like it. It shows a girls story and how she feels about belonging. Stories aren't always happy or end happy. Harry Potter knew he didn't belong with the Dursleys. When he turned 11 he found out the truth that he was a wizard and belonged at Hogwarts. We all belong somewhere. please remember that.
    kind regards

  2. Hi room 4

    Yes because in was a interesting way of showing belonging. The girl is red and everyone who is green doesn't want to be friends with her and then she finds a another red person and they become friends. I think it was affective because it made you think about the story more. A book I have read that was had a bit of belonging is The worst thing about my sister.


  3. Hi
    Its Nina

    I think it was a good way to get the theme belonging across. Being a silent movie made you think about it more. She feels left out because she is different but whan she finds someone like her she feels like she belongs. A book with belonging in it is cherry blossom she has no friends but when she moves everyone wants to be her friend.


    1. Hey Rm4
      I agree with Nina it is a really good way to get the theme of belonging across :)

  4. Hello,Everyone!
    I have to agree Polly on this...Because EVERYONE belongs somewhere also,like pebbles make a mountain also can Billions of humans make up the entire race we are ALL humans no matter what colour our skin, are gender WE ARE ONE!

  5. Hi Everyone,

    i think they have done a good job on making this video because it is powerful to the everyone because everyone belongs somewhere in this world. Because the girl felt left out because all of the green headed people doesnt want to be her friend but she keep trying to find someone and in the end she found someone who had a red head like her and they became friends. The music did support that girl because when she waved that people and the people ran away, and the music was a sad music and that girl was sad when people ran away from her.I dont think i cant remember a book that explains belonging.


  6. Hi people
    Its Levi

    Its bad not to belong somewhere because you need to belong with people because i use to think i didnt belong anywhere even though i had friends i just didnt think i fit with anyone and that was before i came.Now i know were i fit in and thats with my friends.
    From Levi

  7. hi Everyone
    what i think about this video that show you not being your
    friend and being lonely and i think the creater are doing a good job.
    not everyone like the same think in this video show you the lady
    was different from most of the people and at the end she found someone like here witch is good i think bogging is a different way of hearing other people ideas.
    the music really set the Sean because the music is sad and it will tell you
    that the lady was sad and it changes the person view on the story.
    they set the Sean t as everyone is different because you like thing that other people don't like


  8. Hello,everybody
    I think this is a awesome video because it shows that we all should respect one aother because we are all the same. We might no all look the same or act the same but we are all part of the human race.

    What happends in the story is that there is a girl that no one wants to play with so when ever she walks up tothe green people to try and play with them they walk away from her. Then she finds another red person like her and they walk home together. I think this links up to blogging beause not everyone likes the same thing but we are still the same in a way.

    Yes it is good that some videos have no talking because it make you ask some more questions.

    This video is a mix of feelings. It's Happy, Sad and Exiting


  9. Hi everyone,

    I love this video because I think it shows that no matter what we look like, we all have the right to be respected. The red person without a square head in this video was upset because she wasn't like everyone else. She tried to make herself like everyone else but it didn't work.

    Right at the end, she makes a friend, and they BELONG together. It shows that no matter what age, gender, race or personality, we are all people who just need a little love and respect.

    Be cheerful! Because you belong.


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