Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TIS Olympics

As you may already know TIS is holding its own Olympic games. Each class is a country and we got the privilege of being Portugal the flag is shown above. As you can see the colours of our flag is red and green so when the TIS Olympics are held on Friday the 10th August we will be wearing red and green. There are ten events in total so 3 people per class compete in each event. 
Here is the events and who is competing in what -

Horizontal diving - Kelvin, Eden and Chris
Triathalon - Becca, Josef and Christian
Balloon catching - Logan, Jenna and Antonia
Noodle fencing - Elson, Nasan and Tyreek
Tug of war - Justin, Gavin and Imogen
Scooter relay - Scott, David and Nathan H
Grand slalom - Hannah, Roshani and Cassie
Comando race - Emma, Kate and Sefh
Chariot race - Nathan W, Liv and Anna
4 legged race - Jesse, Bernice and Emily

We are all very excited and pumped for the Olympics on Friday.

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