Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adora Svitak - What adults can learn from kids

So what does Adora say that adults can learn from kids?  Do you agree with her? Why?

How does she attempt to persuade her audience?

What does she do well in her speech?

Would the world be a better place if children ruled the world?  What would you do?


  1. Hi
    1. Yes i agree with her because adults still need to learn stuff kids already know

    2. She use stuff about kids

    3. She makes the crowd laugh

    4. Yes i would make all the diving boards made out of marshmallow and all animals that are caged up be set free

  2. Hi Guys,
    Adora was basically telling all the adults out there that us kids have alot to offer and we are not as
    childest and erresponsible as we are made out to be and that we could do so many things to help and we are going to be the leaders of tomrrow and we are going to be adults someday to

    Adora is using some emotional language she is using every persuasive tenique to persuade them and she even used some funny sentences.

    I do not think kids should rule the world. It would probably turn into chaos even though us kids are responsible but in reality adults will always be more rsponsible than kids.

  3. So what does Adora say that adults can learn from kids? Do you agree with her? Why?

    At the start she shows you pictures of kids that have do amazing things for people and that made a big diffrence in the world. I do agree with her because she has a clear presention and good vocab.

    How does she attempt to persuade her audience?
    She does this by having persuasive words she sounds persuasive and she explans she argument.

    What does she do well in her speech?
    She did well in her speech because she has got most of the persuasive devices.

    Would the world be a better place if children ruled the world? What would you do?

    I think no because most thing would be out of control.

  4. Hey,
    I do agree with her. She tells the adults to think more out there and have great ideas than looking at the consequences of the idea. She does make a point about kids having ideas that are out there.
    She persuades the audiance bye asking rhetorical questions and using facts to back up her reasons about the subject. The way she talks is also good. She speaks clearly and loudly.
    However I don't think children under the age of 12 should run the world because some of us aren't very mature to run the whole wide world.
    I don't know what I would do if I ran the world. What would you do?

  5. Yes i agree how she said that adults can learn from kids to be inspiring and do other amazing things for other people. I also agree with her because i think adults can learn heaps of stuff from kids even though they act childish sometimes.

    To persuade us she uses some emotional languge to the audience and she asks rhetorical questions such as how many of you dream like that and believe in the possibilities?

    In her speech to the audience what she does well is how she exaggurates herself into what she is saying and she also sometimes uses emotion to express herself .

    I woudn't say it would be a good thing if children ruled the world but again lots of good things can come from kids and they could teach a lesson to other people. I personally don't want kids to rule the world because i think adults are more responsible.

  6. Yes I agree with because she is basicly saying that adults over think things and she showed kids that have all ready do amazing stuff on their own without the help of adults.

    She is asking rhetorical questions to draw the audience in. Makes the audience laugh and she is speaking clearly.

    Getting her message across the audience.

    Set all animals free. All money should be the same amount in every country. Help poor conutrys. Exacute all evil power hungey villins

  7. Hey,
    She tells us that kids don'tthink about the limits or the consequences, they just think of good ideas. I do agree.

    Well at the start she tries to the persuade the audience by showing some good things kids have done & bad things that adults have been responsible for. Also she uses makes sure she has backed up her reasons.

    She is very clear, she doesn't talk too fast and she uses loads of persuasive features.

    I think if kids ruled the world it would be ruined. Only because most of us aren't mature enough and would use our power in the wrong way. I would personally stay out it.

  8. Hey guys,

    Basically she was saying that adults think kids are more immature and irresponsible than they actually are and that kids can teach adults some things as well. I agree with her because people are judged by their age too much when some kids are really smart and mature.

    She persuades the audience by comparing what kids do and think about stuff to what adults do and think. She also says that every generation grows up to become better than the previous generation.

    She used a lot of emotional language and tried really hard to get people to see her point of view.

    I don't think kids should rule the world because it would be chaotic, and kids wouldn't look forward to becoming an adult. However, I do think the difference between kids and adults should be based on maturity, rather than age.

  9. Hey everybody,Adora was saying that us kids can also teach adults something!!!And that we have restrictions like don't do this or don't do that.She also said that we kids are actually more mature and responsible then they really think we are.And that we should not be judged by our age which happens way to much all over the world.I agree with her because it is really sad to see kids like us who are actually really smart and intelligent,but are being held back by adults who have no idea of what our capabilities are!!!
    I think that she persuaded her audience alot,by using emotional language.She also told the audience of her own stories.And how her parents were really supportive of her.When she started to write short stories.She also uses alot of rhetorical questions that got me thinking and wondering.I think she was also stating alot of facts,that she was also backing up!!!
    What she does well in her speech is..She speaks loudly and clearly,she also raises her voice on some parts to keep the audience on her.
    If children ruled the world?Well I don't think it would be that bad apart from the fact that we can't drive and we don't work so we don't have any money to buy groceries... etc.I think this because although adults could start to listen to us,I still think that we still need them to run the world.

  10. Hi,
    She is saying that adults can learn from kids because we are different from when they were kids and that we aren't as immature and childish some people think. I agree with this, adults can learn from kids because we have things around us when we are growing up that the didn't have and they don't know what it is like to grow up with them.

    She persuades her audience by using lots of repetition and comparing what we do to what they do.

    She does lots of things well in her speech like lots of repetition, emotional language and getting up on stage to talk to the audience (I know I wouldn't want to do it).

    I think that the world wouldn't be better if kids ruled the world because they wouldn't know how to use all of the resources that they would have and they wouldn't know how to keep their country healthy and stable.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I agree with her because she has lots of good points and its funny.
    She persuades them by making good points about all the bad things that adults do and then some really good things that kids have and asks lots of rhetorical questions that make you think.
    Her speech was really good because she backed up her points and made adults think that kids were smarter than them by the end.
    I think that the world world would be worse if kids were in charge they would do what ever they wanted and would have no limitations and even though that sounds good it would end up in chaos. We need an adult in charge and discipline so that we don't go crazy. I would have world peace so that everyone would live togther and there would be no fighting.

  12. Hey guys,
    I agree with what Adora because she says we have a lot to offer and that we are the next generation and that is totally true and I liked the part when she said you have to dream to make things a reality.
    She tries to persuade her audience by using lots of rhetorical questions, and she is using good reasons why adults should try to learn from children. She also used lots of emotianal language.
    When she was saying the speech she was making out that she really wanted the adults to learn from the children and she was using things that she had experienced herself and that makes her speech more legit.
    I don't think it would be better if children ruled the world because even though there are considerate andhard working children like Adora, there are also a handfull of children who only care about themselves and would only get what they wanted if they ruled the world. I don't think they should rule the world but they should have a big say in what happens to it.

  13. Hey,
    I agree with what Adora because she makes good reasons. Adora persuades the audience by making good points saying good things about the children and says bad well not that bad about parents.If children rule the world?Well I don't think it will be that good.Because they are children they won't really know what to do,but the adults will know what to do and plus it won't be good if children make wrong decisions and they can't fix the problem.How about if one child rule the world and steal peoples money that is not good and plus some children will only care about themselves.

  14. Hi
    I agree with Adora because has a lot of good reasons. She persuades the audience by using lots of persuasive features and she says adults can also learn from kids. Children ruling the world would be a bad idea because most of them aren't mature enough to have that kind of responsibilty. She uses rhetorical questions, humour and emotional language.

  15. Hii
    I agree with adora because she uses really persuasive features and i dont kids could rule the world because we dont have the experience that the adults have most of the leaders of the world are over 40 so they will know alot from past and present.

  16. We thought Adora using interesting vocabulary and raises some interesting points. We liked how she uses the pictures to keep her audience hooked in. She made her speech more interesting by using humour. She was very persuasive!
    Room 3 Balmacewen Intermediate

  17. At the start she shows us pictures of some kids doing really good and importent things that helped some countrys.I agree with Adora because she had some really good resons.She used rhetorical questions and humour.In here speach she used rhetorical questions,good resons,props(pictures),humour and was really persuasive.I dont think it would be a good idea that kids ruled the world because kids could still do stupid and silly things,but if I did rule the world I would let every one in the world have enough food and water,and every one would have a house to live in!


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