Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wednesday Project Fun

On Wednesday mornings we have been working on a variety of different projects as you can see from the pictures below.  

Students have been working on a collaborative art project, trying out some 'jovi artwork', making new cushion covers for an old chair and learning how to use 'Go Animate.  

What do you think of our projects? How have they gone for you? What have you learnt? 




  1. Hey,
    The ideas for the artworks are really interesting.
    I like the idea of the one where you melt the crayons and it makes really cool art.
    We should do this again but this time with the whole class so everyone has a chance to do it!!!
    What did Becca's group do?

  2. I think the projects are really cool. The projects have gone well epilepsy my groups forest art. How to work with others to create a piece of art.

  3. My group has been drawing a big forest full of all our own creative creatures.First we split a big peace of paper and started drawing when we are done we will put all the peaces togeather and stick it to a bigger peace of paper.I think our art is going great and we have so many awesome ideas to draw on our bit of the forest.By looking at the other work people have done I have learnt what creative thinking they have and amazing drawing they do!

  4. Hey, the Wednesday art projects wre really fun and interesting. The one the Kate, Harrison and Robson and I did (the melting crayons) worked really well and came out good and was a sucess. Have the other projects finished? If so were they a sucess?

  5. Me and Sefh have been working on a site called GoAnimate. It's almost finished, I just need to make a few more clips, record it, edit, and upload to YouTube.

  6. Hi
    The Wednesday art projects have been fun. I enjoyed drawing all the creatures on our forest art piece. I think it will look cool when we put all the pieces together.


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