Friday, May 9, 2014

Bernard Mangakahia's visit

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Bernard Mangakahia come and visit our school.  He talked to us about the different cultures that he associated with, told us stories of his families and shared some of his impressive talents.

Here is one of the videos of his youngest son performing when he was around six years old.  The video is quite long so just watch some of it.

What did you enjoy about the performance?

Did he inspire you? If so, how?

What advice did Bernard give that stuck in your mind?


  1. Awesome job! This kid is great for his age!

  2. Hi,
    Kuba's performance.
    I enjoyed how good he was at dancing and how he attracted a crowd quite fast. I am inspired by how young he was at that age and how much money he made from his dancing.

    Bernards performance.
    I enjoyed all of the dancing that Bernard did and him talking about his children and his adventures around the world. Bernard did inspire me to find out all of the stories about my parents and my grandparents. The advice that Bernard gave me that stuck in my mind was that you don't know your parents or family until you know the stories about their life.

  3. that kid is great for a six year old

  4. Hi, Jacob here,

    Kuba's performance was awesome! I enjoyed his enthusiasm.
    He inspired me because he is so young but so skilled! The advice that stuck in my mind is live your dreams!


  5. Hi Guys,

    I really enjoyed Bernards performance. I especially liked the hula hoop dance because it was unusual and cool to watch. The concept of the dance was inspiring with the hoops representing the challenges in life and how you pick them up as you grow. I liked his advice of how you should just do it and nobody will laugh.


  6. Hi guys
    What i enjoyed about bernard performance is the hula hooping that bernard did the butterfly and he was amazing with the hula hoops and he made more animals shapes and when he makes someone go up on stage and make them do it to the butterfly and bernard inspired me and something that is stuck in my head is by doing something and give it a go.


  7. Hi,

    Benard insipred me in numerous ways in just one hour. He taught me life lesson such as each hoop is a challenge. You don't get rid of that challenge unless you achieve it.

  8. Hey room 4
    This is awesome the performance was really good
    The performance inspired me to try to busking myself to follow my dreams like he followed his with dancing
    To give everything a go

  9. Hi
    I think that the performance was good
    I really enjoyed the hula hoop dance it was so cool
    his youngest son is very good at dancing i enjoyed the video
    the thing that he said that stuck in my head was if you don't know some
    of your parents story then you don't know your parents

  10. Hello People in this world
    What I enjoyed about bernards show is the hats and clothes they so cool. Bernard inspired me two maybe go basking. The bit I liked about the proformace was the hula hoops they were great.
    Thank you very much


    1. Hi there
      I thought the show was cool
      it was awesome when he did the hula hoop dance
      his younger son it really talented at dancing and the thing thats stuck in my head is you dont know your parents untill you know their storys


  11. Hi

    I really enjoyed the performance because he taught me that you can't get rid of a challenge until you achieve it. I thought that he was very inspiring.


  12. Hello.
    I enjoyed Bernards show because of all of his cool dances. I especially liked the one with the hoops where he pretended to be different animals. I liked how he travelled around the world and met some cousins that he never knew he had. His son is really great at dancing, especially for a six year old!

  13. Hello rebecca here

    I really enjoyed the proformance because it was really cool listening to all of his stories and some stories of his kids.I also enjoyed watching him dance as well.He inspired me to get out there and show what you can do and telling us to really see the world out there and find challenges and don't stop, don't give up on them.What really stuck in my head is don't hold back from opportunities take them and have fun, also don't be shy because there is nothing to be afraid of!

  14. Hi Everyone,
    I really enjoyed his performance and thought it was great especially for a six year old.Personally he inspires me to get out there and you never know what could happen. For example Kuma probably didn't think he'd end up making one hundred dollars in one night!Bernard taught to keep going no matter how hard the challenges are, and that life will go on.

  15. Hi
    I really enjoyed his performance. He inspired me to keep my head up high no matter what and reach for the sky and if you fall to get back up. My favourite bit was the hula hoop dance.

    What was your favourite and what did he he inspire you to do?


  16. Hello everyone,
    I really enjoyed Bernard performance and his son is really talented. Bernard is a really good performer especially how he did the hula hooping and did animals with it. He inspired me not to be scared and don't be afraid. One of the challenges he told us was go up to ur parents and ask them "Tell me a story" and he said something about life if you don't go for it,it comes back. Bernard is a really good person.


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