Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blind date a book

Over the holidays students had a new experience - a blind date with a book.  Students went to the library before the holidays and choose a wrapped book from a box.  Over the holidays the students then got stuck into the books, some finishing them within days or reading the next in the series.  Once we were back at school students gave a quick book review in a speed dating style.

Which/Whose book would you like to read now?


  1. Hi all

    The book that I would like to read next is the book that Henry got.
    It's called infinity The chronicles of nick. This book is written by
    Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is the first book the second one is invincible
    then infamous and last is illusion.

    Henry said he thinks these books are mind blowing, funny and very detailed. This is why i want to read it but i also think you should
    check it out.

  2. Hi,
    I thought that blind dating a book was really fun. I enjoyed reading the book, then pondering as to how I would convince others to read it. To be honest, I didn't enjoy my story very much. I didn't enjoy presenting it either, as I am not comfortable speaking in front of people. But overall it was a great experience.
    I would enjoy reading Henry's book, Infinity. The storyline seems intricate and creative and I think the book will appeal to me. Did you enjoy your book?


  3. Hi,
    We thought that the blind date was a cool idea and I will ask if we can do it here. We both had a favourite book. Andrew's was Winne the witch and I didn't had a favouret book because I liked all of them.

    What is your favourite book to read?

    Andrew and Miko

  4. Hi guys
    I liked the blind date a book a idea but there was a lot of good book and people that presented them was good but they were and its to hard to pick


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