Friday, June 6, 2014

AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND - What a wonderful world

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful video.

What a beautiful country we live in :)

Can you use a simile or metaphor to describe one of the scenes?

Where is your favourite place in New Zealand and why?


  1. Hi
    That video was so...touching if you know what I mean...
    In answer to your first question Miss Goldfinch "The wind flowed over the grass like a river flowed over rocks"
    My fav place in NZ is in the Bush because I feel at peace.

  2. Hi room 4,

    This is an amazing video about New Zealand, it is so beautiful just looking at all the amazing places when the moon and the stars come out to play.The stars are as bright as the sun, and the moon is as round as a big ball.My favourite place in New Zealand is in the south island, because there is a lot of amazing views to see and there are amazing night skies to look at!

  3. Hi,
    This clip showed me how beautiful our country is.

    Can you use a simile or metaphor to describe one of the scenes?
    "The stars were glimmering like grills in an old person's mouth."

    My favourite place in NZ is Auckland feels like a real city

  4. Hey everyone,
    This video is incredible! Just thinking about all the time and effort that must of been put into it gives me chills (in a good way).To be honest the only way to describe this video is phenomenal.I don't really have a favourite place in New Zealand because I love everything this country has to offer.But if I had to choose it would be Mt Ruapehu.Why? simply because of the atmosphere and scenery. It gives me almost a type of adrenaline.
    Thats all for now.

  5. HI Daniel H here,

    Wow.. was this really New Zealand? It looked so much more special and beautiful.

    I liked how they use the time lapse because it made the clouds and water move so much cooler than normal.
    I can describe this video with a similes, This video is as beautiful as Kate's horse, This video was so cool like a leather jacket. and i could go on and on and on.
    My favourite place in NZ would have to be Wellington because i haven't been to much places other than Wellington and Auckland,I like Wellington because i know where most of the places are and all the fun things to do in Wellington are.

    Daniel H

  6. Hi
    I liked the mountains and snow like a mouse likes his cheese.
    My Favourite Place in NZ is the Waipoua Forest because it has NZs biggest tree Tane Mahuta.


  7. hi
    this clip showed what a beautiful country we live in and how much of it we take for granted.
    "can you use a simile to describe one of the scene"
    The water swaded from side to side like it was a hula hoop around some ones hips.
    "Whats your favorite place in New zealand"
    My home titahi bay.

  8. Hi Room 4,

    I was just blown away by this. In the sky scenes, did anyone else notice the shooting stars?

    If I could describe a scene, it was been scene 46seconds in to 50 seconds in: Flames grow and stifle in the clouds.

    My favourite place in New Zealand is in the reserve outside my backyard. I love hearing the lake trickle along. I love closing my eyes and imagining what is going on using the sounds. I love the quiet chirps of the birds, though I do love the silence after their conversations.


  9. Hi guys,
    This video really inspired me to do my part in protecting our country. I think that our country has the most bush and natural things left. We should keep fighting to keep nuclear power out.
    The stars shimmered like glitter on paper.
    My favourite place in New Zealand is on top of mt ruapehu because its so refreshing.

  10. Hello,

    This video shows us how beautiful this country is, it also shows us how ignorant we are of it. It's a bit like the quote: "Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses." We tend to not notice the things right in front of us when we are focused with our day to day work.

    My metaphor is: "The bright faerie lights shine down through the dark blanket of night."

    I love all of New Zealand and can't decide where my favourite place is.


  11. Hi guys!
    It was an amazing video! New Zealand is such a beautiful country!
    The clouds looked like an explosion of flour.
    The stars looked like glitter in the sky.
    Nina likes Omaha beach because its hot, sunny and theres waves.
    Anika likes Waikawa beach because there is a nice river that you can swim in.
    Anika and Nina!!!

  12. Hi,
    This video is amazing, it shows how much of New Zealand is still wilderness and what we need to do to keep it that way.
    The comets flew round the sky like spaceships showing how much there is outside our atmosphere.
    My favourite place in New Zealand is any where in the mountains because i like climbing around on the rocks and skiing.

  13. Hi guys
    What this video showed about New Zealand nature is beautiful at night when its clear. When the shooting stars and the stars you can see it at night it just looks beautiful on the mountains. One of my favourite places in new zealand is probible up north because you can see more of the stuff that is in the video.


  14. Hello
    this video is spectacular all the stars and water my favourite part is the flashes on the ground at the start was awesome.

    The flashes on the ground are like cars zooming around the land that we are lucky to have. This is my simile.

    My favourite place in New Zealand is the Mountains Because of all the snowball fights you can have, the Skiing/Snowboarding and even going down the hill on a slay.

  15. Hi Rm4
    this video was amazing, it showed how New Zealand was really pretty and wilderness

  16. I never actually knew that there was that many shooting stars in the sky. from what i heard i thought that there was like 1 or 2 a month.

  17. New Zealand, is as beautiful as a half-way, back-of-the-net, left-footed goal!

  18. Hi Rm 4,
    Nice to see everyone on the blog again enjoying the natural beauty of our wonderful wilderness. This is what our wonderful world should be like. After all the beauty of the world rests in our small hands. Our father has entrusted us with this task of eternal peace. The world will fall apart like tearing pages out of a book if we don't look after it.

    Have a look at the world around you and see what's happening.

    My favorite place in the world is on mountains at the very top of New Zealand where two oceans collide and make these beautiful waves. Flashes of rainbows show and it shows the beauty of nature.

    What do you think this video is trying to show us?
    What are you going to do about it?
    Where is your favorite place?

    I can't wait to hear your replies

  19. Hello everybody.
    I really thought this video was mind blowing.It amazed me how many things are in New Zealand and how the people who made this video get into those points of view.I'm just amazed at this video.I love it.

    Bye guys have good day.

  20. Hey guys i have just one question was that really New Zealand
    My favorite place is the lake it was awesome and really pretty
    I cant believe that was New Zealand


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