Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Haircut Controversy

Have you seen this article in the news recently? Click here to find out more.

 What do you think? Should he cut his hair? Are there any rules that you think should be changed at our school? Make sure you can justify why.


  1. Hi Room 4,

    I don't think he should cut is hair. If they have a uniform, then they have already taken away the privilege to be unique with the way we dress. Therefore, his hair is the only thing left he has to show his differentiality. Also, allowing the girls to have long hair but not allowing the boys to have long hair is discrimination of genders.

    Is this really something to go to court over? What makes it so important that a judge would care? It is not like he is hiding drugs or alcohol in his 'boofy' hair.

    I am proud to say this person is part of the human race. His rebellion against discrimination, and his proud demeanour of being different is really inspiring.

    What side are you on?


    1. Strong views Paris, I'm going to play 'devil's advocate'. Surely a school has the right to have rules? Surely if you go to a school you are agreeing to follow the rules? Can it really be described as discrimination if you know what the school rules are and choose not to follow them?


  2. Hi,
    I think that the school took it to far by suspending him i think they should have just ignored it but I think that Lucan took it to far by taking it to court. If I were him I would have just cut my hair and carried on. I think that he should just have cut his hair and kept learning. I think that at our school the rules are good because they aren't unnecessary and all of them make sense.

  3. I think that the school went too far by suspending him for his refusal to cut his hair. The rules said that his hair had to be out of his eyes and off of his collar. The school should just tell him to tie his hair back, because then it will fit the rules. I do think that him taking it to court was slightly extreme though.
    If Lucan is allowed to go to school with long hair then girls in uniform schools (like this school) shouldn't have to wear their skirts either.

    1. So, do you think girls at our school should be allowed to wear shorts?

  4. Hi
    I think that the school took it waaaay too far because what! Why does this kid have to cut his hair JUST because it didn't comply with that stupid rule BUT I can see why they didn't just let him of because if they did that the people would think "Hmmmm Lucan was able to get away with his hair being long so since he didn't follow the rules why should I not get away with punching this little kid?" Lucan did take it to far by taking it to court.
    (plus leave it in the comments if anyone ACTUALLY knows what "devil's advocate" means without checking the dictionary.)


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