Monday, June 23, 2014

Matthew's 9 Language Polyglot Monologue

Wow! This man is amazing! He can speak 9 different languages.  Watch and see.

Can you speak any different languages? What language would you like to speak and why?


  1. Hi,

    I don't speak any other languages but when my brother was learning french in year 9 he taught me some, but I have already forgotten most of what he taught me.I would like to learn french as well since I know a tiny bit already but I wanted to learn it because, in dancing every thing we dance to is called something in french so it is hard to tell what we are about to do!

    1. I didn't know that dance used so many French words, can you give an example? I know music uses Italian words like 'piano' means quiet.

  2. Hello People in Rm 4
    I think that this guy its amazing 9 languages wow he could go to any country and be able to go to any country and just talk to them. I can speak a tiny bit of japanese and a tiny bit of maori and next year at college I am going to learn some french and maybe Te reo. That man is very lucy to speak 9 languages.

  3. Hi,

    Wow that video was really cool it would be awesome to be able to speak 9 different languages.I haven't learnt to speak any other languages but from my old primary I learnt a bit of Māori but not very much. The language I would like to learn to speak would have to be French because it sound so beautiful.

  4. Hi Rm4
    i liked how the man can speak 8 different languages and can speak spainsh as well

  5. Hello people.
    The I an only speak a little bit of maori and that is about it but that guy can speak 9 languages WOW!.I wish I could speak 9 languages .I really like speaking languages because its fun.

  6. Taoloa Falava,
    Wow that guy is amazing.
    I cannot speak any languages flewintly besides English. I would like to speak French because my cousin's Head of the French Department at Victoria Universty.

  7. Hi Daniel H here,

    I think this man is quite talented since he can speak 9 language and that he speaks some of the languages at his work which i think is quite cool and i could mean he knows that language quite well and he can remember 9 languages.
    I can only speak Cantonese and i'm learning Mandarin and i think i will be able to remember all of words but i think i wont be able to write all of the words.
    I would want to learn to speak Spanish because i think its a really cool language and its quite unique.


  8. hi,
    I really enjoyed the video i don't speak any other
    languages other than a little bit maori the language I would
    like to learn french or japanese .

  9. Hi i'm chevarn and I can speak sigh language i'm learn te reo Maori but i am not as good as this man ii think it would be cool to speak 9 languages . i want to learn french i don't know why but i have a thing for it.

  10. Hi
    Matthew (The Man who speaks 9 Languages) is amazing.
    I can Speak a little Samoan and very little Maori.
    I would love to speak Portuguese.


  11. Hello!

    I used to speak Spanish and Maori at Primary but I can't speak them any more because to speak a language you have to speak it regularly.
    I can say ONE word though..."Merde".
    Call me Immature...but it means "poo" in French.(it is useful if you want to swear without anyone noticing unless they are French)
    I am learning to speak Japanese through school.
    That is FOUR Languages(I AM smart)!
    Has anyone else speak any other languages?

  12. If i knew how hard it would be to memorise 9 languages in to my brain and not get any of the words muddled up that must have taken a lot of practise. i think that he would speak each language for about half an hour a day just so he could remember them. =)

  13. Hi Rm 4,
    I can speak sign language, my dad is trying to teach us Samoan so I know a few sentences and stuff in Samoan, quite a lot of us have been taught Maori I am also one of these lucky kids. I would love to be this man I could go anywhere and talk to anyone in these awesome languages. There are two languages in particular that I would enjoy talking in. One of course is Samoan because then I would be able to understand my family talking about stuff that I don't understand :-( My second would be French so that then I could speak to my French friends fluently in their language it would be a nice change for them. Because they have been speaking fluently in English to us when they are here and one of them is only 7!!!!!!!
    I think this guy is amazing!!!
    What do you think???


  14. Hello room 4,

    all i have to say is... this guy is AMAZING! no wonder hes tired! Me and robson tried to learn a bit of german. he really inspired me. How many foreign friends does he have?

  15. Hi everybody
    I think its awesome to speak nine different languages i can only speak english but i'm able to sing in two different languages.The first is Maori and second is Tokelau and i know not many of you know this language this is but there is actually a country called Tokelau and the area is around taonga and another island next to it but i'm not sure what it was.
    That was my story thanks for reading bye.
    From Levi

  16. Hey Rm4
    This guy is awesome
    I cant speak any languages yet but i am planing to learn how to speak African

  17. Hey Guys,
    This guy has obviously put alot of effort into learning these languages. I can only speak Japanese and a bit of Chinese. My Favourite Foreign word is "Axios". It's Greek for "I (he) am worthy." I think this guy is a good example that you can learn alot at University.


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