Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Class Speeches

As you may know by now Tawa Intermediate is doing speeches and on the 30th of November we did our class final for speeches. 13 people advanced to the final from the groups round. Here are the top 13 and their topics -
- Jenna Gotlieb - Alarm clocks
- Antonia Maunsell - Excuses for homework
- Kate Crowley - Mooloolaba
- Bernice Holford - Niue
- Christian D'Souza - Cristiano Ronaldo
- Scott Breuer - Technology
- Justin Tra - Milo
- Nathan Williams - Fleas
- Hannah Clark - Speeches
- David Phllips - Onions
- Tyreek Fuiava - Greg Inglis
- Nasan Jenkin - Wonders of the world
- Roshani Thuraisingham - Usain Bolt

All of the speeches were very good, but only 7 people could go through to the syndicate speeches. So after hard judging/scoring of each speech we worked out that our top 7 were (drum roll please)
In first place - Nasan
2nd - Hannah
3rd - Jenna
4th - David
5th - Bernice
6th - Roshani
And 7th - Nathan W

These 7 people are going through to the next round and competing against the other syndicate finalists.

By Jenna

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