Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of the Year...

As you may know the last week of the year is upon us. It is a frantic rush for us to complete everything. Next year Room 5 is becoming Room 14 so we are moving out of Room 5 while Room 14 is moving in. With Spec extensions, prize giving, leavers dinner, the picnic and everything else that seems to be happening this week there isn't much time to do anything besides that. But with the last week comes a lot of fun and not much work lately we have been getting into the christmas season by creating decorations for our amazing tree, listening to christmas songs and doing christmas activities and crosswords etc.

It is also the last time here at Tawa Intermediate for all of the Year 8's inclueding me and as much as i have loved my time at T.I.S i am also very excited for college.

By Jenna

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