Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As you may know the people from Room 5 that advanced to the syndicates were -
- Nasan
- Hannah
- Jenna
- David
- Bernice
- Roshani
They competed alongside the rest of Huia and their speeches. From there the people that advanced were -
- Nasan
- Zach
- Jenna
- Jake
- Bernice
They had advanced to the semi-finals in front of Mr Rickard and Mr Cameron. I'm sure they were all very nervous about their presentations. From there only six year 7's and six year 8's could advance to the finals. Two people advanced from the semi's and they were (drum roll please) - Zach and Jake!!!!!

It was great to see them presenting their speeches incredibly well but there could only be one Year 7 winner and one Year 8. And the winners were -
Jake Keats (from Huia) for the Year 7's
And Rhys Jennings (from Poukai) for the Year 8's

Congrats to Zach who did amazing as well, and to all the other people that had the guts to go up and present their speeches!!

By Jenna

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