Thursday, December 6, 2012

Solar Oven Science Experiment

Question - Will a solar oven cook food???

Equipment -
- Pizza box
- Tinfoil
- Insulation/pink bats
- Pencil
- Black paper
- Glad wrap
- Sellotape
- food to cook on the oven (e.g chocolate, egg or pizza with no meat)

Hypothesis - I think that the oven will work and it will melt the chocolate, the egg will work as well but it will take a long time.

Method (for making the ovens as well) -
- Clean the pizza box.
- Cut a flap in the lid of the pizza box.
- Put the insulation/pink bats in the sides of the box.
- Put black paper in the bottom of the box.
- Wrap tinfoil around the inside of the flap you have cut.
- Use the pencil to hold the flap open.
- Put food on the black paper and cover it in glad wrap (make sure it is sunny when you put your food out).
- Watch your oven to see when it is cooked.
- When the food is cooked eat it up!!!

Results -
The chocolate work really well melting very fast. The egg was another story it didn't work at all, after an hour and a half of cooking it in the sun it was still liquid. the container it was in did start the heat up but not anywhere near hot enough.

Conclusion - The solar ovens where a great experience, even though the egg didn't work. the chocolate was delicious especially when there was marshmallows and strawberries to go along with it.

Here are some photos of the solar ovens -

By Jenna

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