Monday, July 8, 2013

An Awfully BIG Adventure

Last week there was a play called An Awfully BIG Adventure. It was about World War 1. It was funny. It was amazing. It was awesome. It was by capital E. We all loved it. Tawa Intermediate school was the first school to see this play. The play was about how World War 1 affected peoples lives. Like I said, The play was funny but many people died in World War 1. What did people learn about it?


  1. The play was so funny! I loved it, but some jokes dragged a bit. The jokes were a tiny bit repetitive. The play was really funny and helps you to understand World War 2. I like learning about the Conchies and what happened to them.


  2. Hey everybody,
    I think that the play capital E did was awesome,because it was funny and made you listen so that it was entertainig yet informative.I learntt quite a bit from this play,like how alliances were formed formed and how greedy Germany was!!!I really liked this play and can't wait to see how it will turn out when it is finished:)I think that all schools should see this place so that we can understand more about world war 1 and what people and families went through at this time.Overall the play was awesome but the war as reall,really, really horrible!!!!

  3. I really liked the play, especially the beginning. I thought it was very clever because it taught the audience lots of facts and was funny at the same time.

    I didn't know that conchie (conscientious objectors) were tortured!

    What ways do you like to learn about historical events?

  4. Hi it's Lucy from DSS ( Dannevirke South School) it must have been fun to go to . Did you learn anything about world war 1?

    1. Hi!

      We learned lots about World War 1, from trench-warfare to the Conchies.
      (People who didn't want to go to war.) It was really fun and there were cool costumes, great singing and amazing acting.


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