Monday, July 8, 2013

Darlingheart Bake Sale

A week or so ago we had a bake sale to raise money for a charity called "The Darlingheart Foundation".  It was an awesome event that raised money for children in an orphanage in India.

Did you buy anything?  What was your favourite baked good?

Do you think we should do another bake sale next term? Or is there another way we could raise money?


  1. Hey,
    We think the bake sale was a great success and we raised the most money!
    We both loved that there was so much food left over, so we could eat it!It was so yummy!
    We should so do it again!

    Liv & Emma

  2. Hi!

    We raised so much money for the poor orphans in India. It's good that we donated money to the less fortunate. My favourite part was definitely eating leftovers! Hopefully the orphans get a great treat because of the money we raised them.


  3. Hey guys!
    I think this was a really great success and I cant believe that our class alone made over $150! I definitely think we should do this again but we should encourage more people to bring things in so we can raise more money.


  4. Hey everyone,
    I think that our bake sale was an awesome way to raise money for the poor in India.My favourite food that I ate would have to be...The apple turn overs that Chris made!!!!They were so nice and crunchy:)I think that we should definitely do another one next term!!!!But maybe for another poor country or a different part of India...?I think there are other ways we could do some fundraising aswell like a sausage sizzle or mufti day but overall I think that the bake sale was a fun and clever idea to raise so much money!!!!!!

  5. Hi everyone,
    I think this went to a really great cause and people who really need the money.
    The bake sale was so much fun and we had lots of good food.
    It was such a sucsess and I really hope we do it again and maybe for a different cause next time.

  6. Yes. The rainbow muffins. Yes but some of the muffins and other food should be a bit more cheaper. It was fun baking food to make money for a orphanage in India, I think we made $150-$200 for the orphanage.

  7. I really liked doing this bake sale because I love to bake and then sell for charity. I brought one Brownie and two Apple Turnovers. I think we should do a bake sale again like this because its a good way to rasie money for anything thing like Cross Country, Raroa Exchange etc. I don't think I can I think of any thing so far.

    Written By Becca :)

    1. Hi I am thomas from dss your brownie and cupcake and slice look so yum. i would like to have some from thomas.

  8. They all look so yummy.I really what to eat the brownie and the rainbow muffins so yummy

  9. All of those look really nice but the apple turn overs look the best.Looks like a success how much money did you raise

  10. It is a really good cause to donate to. How much money did you end up raising? We have been doing some baking too. We made hokey pokey on Friday and are doing cupcake challenges this week.

    1. You're right, it was a really great cause! We ended up raising roughly $170 dollars. Yum, your baking sounds really good as well. What are cupcake challenges? They sound fun!

  11. Hey my names Harrison and we raised 170.00$ in our class,But the whole syndicate(Huia) raised 400.00$ in total


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