Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This term Huia Syndicate has been doing some languages every Thursday before P.E. The three languages are Korean, Japanese and French. The language I'm in is French and I'm really enjoying it. In French we learn diffrent things like greetings, family names, foods, colours and numbers, we also learn how to prounce words correctly. One of the big things we have done in French is a presention for a fake family, so I could say that I'm Strawberry Shortcake, T.J Perenara is my husband, Juno is my daughter, Shelton Cooper is my son and Spider Pig is our pet, then I would have to say it in French. I know it sounds hard but once we actually learn a bit of French its easy. I really would really like to do French in college because one day I would like to go to France and go to resturant and cafe and actully speak French, I think that would be really cool to do with my family so I could speak for them and they could learn from me.

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